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‘The most resilient parasite is an idea planted in the unconscious mind’ – Inception

An individual is capable of thousands of interactions with the digital medium during his lifetime – there is constant addition, subtraction, multiplication, deletion, substitution, division of ideas and thoughts. And together these contribute to the personality, mindsets and the unconscious minds of individuals. That makes digital marketing so powerful.

So what’s the point I’m making. Well, step up, create an identity, find your TG and be found, Go viral, talk to users, build communities – because you don’t just want to be another company – you want to be the one that lives on in their unconscious mind.

Digit360? Sounds a little weird…Let’s analyse this

Digit? Short for digital … no prizes for guessing


The set of numbers from 0 to 9 are the most revered of the infinite lot. That is because every other number is derived from it.

360 has a special connotation. It’s the number which signifies total, complete, all round. In fact, it’s a number that’s a digit.

Together, Digit360, aims to provide complete 360 degree digital solutions for small and medium enterprises.

Our path breaking solutions encompass:

  • Search Engine Marketing –  Pay per Click / PPC advertising, Search Engine Optimisation / SEO, Multi Channel search strategies.
  • Contextual Advertising – Online display and banner ads, Google adwords.
  • Social Media – Social media advertising, management and marketing.
  • Web Analytics – Setup, Tracking and Analysis
  • Digital Consultancy – Digital Progression Mapping
  • Digital PR – Brand Response systems, BuzzUp!
  • osCommerce Solutions
  • Website Designing


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    Skype: Digit360
    Skype Me™!
    Call : +91 22 9167208168
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